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In the cattery there are no available kittens

Cats - features of upbringing and behavior, character, description of the Abyssinian breed.

First kitten after moving =)

Our long-awaited girl from Oxy and Chester. The photo of baby Feofania is already on the site


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Belchata number 3. Two girls

In our cattery replenishment again. This time Belka pleased


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We have new kittens! Dilya + Chester

A month ago, kittens of litter D from Dili and Chester were born. Photos of babies in the article :-)


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New beauty from Aby Sharm cattery

In our cattery, a new cat of ruddy color has settled. The young beauty came from Moscow and has already subdued everyone with her charm


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Chester in Kirovsk. First CACM

At this show, Chester became the Grand European Champion and received the first mark for the World Champion title. We also took part in various rings.


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New photos. Litter C.. Already grown up)

Kids of Belka and Chester are growing up. Four bright restless affectionate kittens of ruddy color. New photos added


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New kittens :) Belka + Chester

A new litter ABYTRISS C.. was born in the cattery. Wonderful children of ruddy color from our beautiful couple.


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Chester's show in Gomel (Belarus)

We visited the show in Belarus. Got the necessary estimates. We really liked and Chester, it seems, too :-)


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ABYTRISS Belle. 1.5 months (+ video)

Our youngest Abyssinian is 1.5 months old. In the note you can find a video with a kitten, photos and a link to her personal album.


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Show in Devyatkino. Belka and Chester

Photos and results of the show in Devyatkino. An interesting show, a good prize fund and excellent photographers


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Show in Chudovo. September 2018

The results of the show in Chudovo and, of course, photos. Belka has been in the role of a model - in my opinion, she didn't like it))


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Our kittens. 2 months old. Video

Belka's kittens recently turned 2 months and we shot another photo session. See the videos and photos of the kittens in the note


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Show in Kirovsk. Chester and Belka

The results of the show in Kirovsk immediately two residents of our cattery. We went for the necessary assessments, but got something else :-)


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Our little Belchata :-) Video

See the videos of our little Abyssinians in this post! Taken off today. Children grew up


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New album! Summer photos of kittens

A new album has been added to the photo gallery. Photos made today


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Litter A. Age 1 month. Video

In the note you will find personal videos with kittens from litter A. They are only a month old, but they are already very affectionate and tame


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Show in Otradnoye. Chester

Impressions and results of the show CFC "Kotograd" with Chester


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How to introduce cats?

This article will be useful to those who want to have a second kitten and do not know how to acquaint him with the first. Of course, all people have their own unique experience. I will tell you how I act and what I advise the owners of our kittens.


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Abyssinian cats. Breeder's opinion

Since the Abyssinians are not yet a well-known breed, many people do not know about the peculiarities of these cats. In this article, I listed the main points that I consider the most important in understanding the characteristic qualities of this br


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Show in Chudovo. Chester

A short report on our results at the show of the CFC "Felicity"


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How to educate your cat?

Often cats do not behave as we would like. There is a feeling that they are doing this to spite the owners. Is it so? Or they just do not understand what to do? Learn how to properly interact with your cat


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Toys for cats. Are they all good?

All the owners of animals are well aware of how wide the range of toys for cats in pet stores. Is it worth it to rejoice in such diversity?


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For whom do cats mew?

Why do cats miaow? Sometimes piercing, sometimes frightened, sometimes so tender that I want to pat and feed ... Find answers in the article


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Dry food for cats. Classification

A huge number of feeds causes confusion in the heads of beginning owners of cats. Our article will tell you what are the prepared feeds and how they differ from each other


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Litters - which one to choose?

On the market there are litters for cat trays of different materials and principles of work. How to find the right one among this variety? Which litter will appeal to you and your cat?


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Why do cats go so quietly?

Everyone noticed that cats move almost silently. Why is this happening? What is so special about our cats?


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How to name your cat?

When buying a kitten, new owners often find it difficult to decide how the cat will be called. This article will help you choose a beautiful and correct name that the cat will easily remember and which is pleasant to the ear


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