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We are glad to see you on the site of Abyssinian cattery ABYTRISS.

Our cattery is registered in two largest felinological systems CFA (№ 301130) and WCF (№19121) since 2017. Earlier we were breeders in the nursery Mon Valeur (St. Petersburg). The founder of our cattery is the Abyssinian cat of ruddy color Viya Mon Valeur (the house name is Triss), in honor of which the cattery was called. 

In our cattery you can not only buy kittens ruddy and red (sorrel) colors, but also find yourself a faithful Abyssinian friend for the next 15 - 20 years.  All our kittens move to a new house at the age of 3 - 4 months, after a course of vaccination (including vaccination against rabies) and socialization, with a full set of documents. The sale of the kitten is necessarily accompanied by the conclusion of the contract.

Here you will find your purebred Abyssinian kitten from titled parents - participants and prize-winners of international shows.

Purebred Abyssinian cats and kittens are incredibly smart, they easily learn the rules of behavior in the house. At the same time, these cats require a lot of attention, which is fully compensated by their devotion and tenderness. Because we work from home, the kittens of our cattery receive maximum love and care. 

If your dream is a thoroughbred abyssinian kitten with a real Abyssinian temperament, contact us in any convenient way for you by the contacts written below.

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Breeder- felinologist Alena Feofilatova

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