Abyssinian cattery



Abyssinian cats - what are they? Character and behavior

Abyssinian cats. Appearance.

Characteristic features of this breed are large, widely set ears, elegant body, smooth silk wool and a specific ticked color. Each hair is colored with several strips of two colors - alternating the main tone (light) and the color of the ticking (dark). Four main colors are recognized: ruddy, sorrel, blue and fawn. There are other, more rare, options.

Abyssinian cats. Always near.

Abyssinian cats for me are first and foremost cats that are always near. Among them there are cats, from whose attention it is difficult to get rid (they will butt, touch with paws, lick their hands and face :-)), and cat-watchers who closely watch the affairs of a person without interfering in the process. In any case, I can not imagine an abyssinian hiding in a house or under a sofa all day. You always see her, and she you :-) Even the Abyssinians love to "talk", sometimes too much) And they are waiting for the dialogue, looking closely into the eyes of the owner. Abys are severely affected by loneliness, so it is not desirable to leave them alone for more than 24 hours. A cat can become apathetic and even get sick if the host is not around for a long time.

Abyssinian cats. Aggression - no.

I have never faced aggression to people with an adequate attitude to the animal (although there were times when my cats were very stressful - in the car, at the exhibition ..). The Abyssinians have a fairly mobile, excitable mentality, so persistent attempts to frighten them or cause pain sometimes result in the cat "falling out of reality" and starting to attack a person. But this never happens without the humiliation of people. If an Abyssinian is frightened, or you scold her for something, then you can always take her in your arms and calm her. She will not release claws and certainly will not use her teeth - she will just press against you, maybe even hug her paws (as my little one does), and she soon purrs.

Abyssinian cats. Sneak, chew, climb higher.

Abys - thieves. Everything that "badly" lies - forgotten napkins, pens, pieces of paper, socks ... will be immediately thrown to the floor and turned into a toy :-) What you can roll under the sofa will be there, the rest will be found somewhere in the corner) Of course, Aby with much more pleasure playing with the owners ropes, teasers and anything else :) Some cats love to bring the ball.

Abyssinians are rodents. These cats and flowers are almost incompatible :) The earth will be excavated, and the flower is pricked or torn off to drive a twig on the floor :)

А Abyssinians love height. As soon as the kitten becomes old enough (about six months), he starts jumping on the cupboards. To scold him for it is useless, and there's nothing for it. These are fairly neat cats, they are unlikely to spoil anything on the closet. And the joy of "sitting high - looking far" is priceless :-)

Abyssinian cats. Perfectly socialize.

Abyssinians easily learn the rules of behavior. With the help of disgruntled intonations or an pulverizer with water, they can be weaned from improper behavior in a few days. Sofas and curtains prefer to scratch. It should be high, so that it would be interesting to climb, then the furniture will be used only for the intended purpose - for sleeping) In addition, the Abys are easily accustomed to clipping the claws (the first time I cut the claws of the kittens in 14 days, and then repeat every two weeks. Once the children are already sitting quietly and do not break out).

They like to sleep with people ... on people ... under the blanket ... :-) Abyssinians are always with you, even in a dream). If this option does not suit you, do not let the cat into the bedroom at all, even during the day.

Abyssinian cats. Nuances of health.

Abyssinians often have very sensitive digestion. They contraindicated human food - it is better to feed professional food or a specially selected mixture of natural food. If an Abyssinian pulls something from a plate or you change his diet dramatically, it is likely to end with prolonged diarrhea. Therefore, the diet must be carefully monitored.

Abyssinian cats. Care and communication with other animals.

Abyssinians do not need to comb out. They have a short straight hair, which during moult is well removed simply by stroking the cat. There are no coins on either the cat or the floor-only single ticked hairs.

Abyssinian cats live well with other animals, even with dogs. One of our kittens went to a house where there were already several cats and a pug.

Abys do not grow up. My older cat is 2,5 years old, she brought up 6 kittens, and looks and behaves like a child. She still plays, she also participates in everything, experiences everything. Absolutely young and slim, the kittens did not affect her appearance and habits. At the same time she is an excellent caring mother.

That's my opinion about my favorite Abyssinian cats.

P.S. Presented on the infographics minuses of the Abyssinian breed are by no means minuses for me personally, I love all the features of these cats =)