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Dry cat food - classes and features

Dry food for cats. Introduction.

This time let's talk about a very important topic - about the nutrition of your pet. Of course, the best balanced natural food, consisting of meat, vegetables, a small amount of cereals, vitamins and minerals. Such food is as close as possible to the life of a cat in its natural habitat. Despite all the advantages, the "natural" has one significant disadvantage - labor costs. All the ingredients must be prepared, mixed, packaged in portions, frozen, and then defrosted before each feeding ... The modern rhythm of life limits in free time, so most owners choose ready-made rations for their cats. Finished feeds are of two types: dry and wet. Today we will stop on dry.

So, the classification of dry food for cats:

Dry food of economy class.

Names of feed of this category are heard by everyone, even from those who never owned cats. These are the same Whiskas, Kitekat, Frieskies, which are full of advertising. In these feeds there is no meat, at best it is replaced by offal, at worst - fiber or cellulose. These are cheap, non-nutritional foods that you should not feed your cat, if you want it to last a long time and be healthy 

Dry food of premium class.

These foods are often found in a pet store than in a supermarket. The main names are Happy Cat, Gina, Hills, Advance, Purina Pro Plan, etc. These fodders contain meat, most often chicken or fish. They will not bring significant harm to your pet's health, but nevertheless contain various additives, dyes and preservatives.

Dry food of super-premium class.

In such feeds, the content of protein components reaches up to 30%. They do not contain dyes, they contain a large number of vitamins and mineral supplements. Producers of these feeds take into account the needs of cats, releasing various types of medicinal and preventive foods. Stamps of this class: Bozita, Bosch Sanabelle, Grandorf, Animonda. On these food your cat will be healthy, beautiful and full. Feeds super-premium class is quite expensive.

Dry food of holistic class.

This is the most expensive and highest quality class of dry food. They do not have in the composition of artificial ingredients, only meat, vegetables, cereals and a huge number of useful supplements and vitamins. The easiest way to find them in online stores, they are on the shelves are extremely rare. The protein content is from 30 to over 40%. Holistics include Acana, Orijen, Go! Natural, Now Natural. Unfortunately, because of the high protein content, they do not fit all cats. Therefore, if you feed your cat with a holistic, you must at least once a year to take tests to check the work of your liver and kidneys.