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Education of cats: a raised cat is the norm

Education of cats. Introduction.

First of all, one must understand that a cat can not be forced to do something that it does not want. You can agree with it, provide an alternative, but it is to force - it will not work :-)

Despite the fact that the cat will educate you rather than you her, there is still a set of rules, observance of which will provide you with a comfortable life with your cat

Education of cats. What can not be done.

  • beat the cat with hands, feet and any parts of the body;
  • shout at the cat;
  • throw anything into the animal;
  • close in a cage;
  • deprive of food and drink
In addition to the fact that these are very brutal actions against the cat, they do not contribute to establishing relations. The cat will either move away from you, and you will live like neighbors, or you will become its enemy, and it will begin to take revenge as it can.

However, ignoring the inappropriate behavior of a cat is also impossible, because you have acquired yourself a friend, and not a source of stress and problems. Below are listed ways that will not harm your relationship with the python, but will help make your life together a little more comfortable.

Education of cats. Methods.

If a cat does what you want to forbid it, you can:
  • loudly and clearly say "You can not / enough " with threatening intonation. Gradually the cat will remember this command
  • To sprinkle it with water from the spray gun. Sudden sprinkling is not pleasing to any animal, it is a very effective method
  • shine on it. Yes, yes, try to picture the sound from the cat's tongue. Of course, ideally it will not work, but we understand foreigners who speak Russian with a strong accent? So the cat will understand you
  • Take the withers, raise to the eye level and hiss until the cat looks down, recognizing defeat. This method is suitable for serious misconduct - a puddle in shoes, torn wallpaper, etc.

Education of cats. The most important rule.

A very important point. Determine with the "prohibited" actions BEFORE the acquisition of the pet. Because if you can not, you can not always. If once allowed, then you can. The cat will not adequately perceive the prohibitions on actions that were previously permissible.