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How to introduce cats: stages of dating a cat

Acquaintance of cats. Quarantine

An important moment in the appearance of a new pet in the house is quarantine, which should last 2-3 weeks. During this time, most of the infections will show up, if the kitten has fallen ill with something in the previous house. In this case, you do not infect your older pet. It is also desirable to make a new kitten tests for major infections. And only after quarantine to begin acquaintance with the senior cat.

Even if you do not have the opportunity, the need or the desire to withstand quarantine, in any case, you need for a couple of days to limit the freedom of movement of the kitten in one room, which the older cat can not run into. During this period, the kitten will get used to you, to the smells of the new house, will find and remember the location of the toilet and food bowls - in general, adapts to the new dwelling without unnecessary stress from meeting with the former tailed owner of the territory.

Acquaintance of cats. First glance

So, you brought a carrier with a kitten to a pre-prepared room, in which there is a box with litter, bowls with food and water and a cat scratcher. What's next? First of all, pour the litter from the old house into a new box. So the kitten will be easier to understand what is required of him. Then open the carrier. If the kitten has left itself, stroke it, gently hold it and take it to the box. Let it be a starting point for him to study the room.

Acquaintance of cats. Addictive

If the kitten is scared and does not go out, wait about ten minutes, stroke inside the carrier, then gently pull it out and take it to the box. Everything, then let him study the room himself. He'll find his bowls when he’s hungry. He can find the cat scratcher or he will have to help him. If you see that the kitten is sharpening its claws in the wrong place, transfer it to the cat scratcher.

Acquaintance of cats. Meeting with the elder cat

After 1-2 days, when the kitten already several times descends into the box and eats, you can begin preparing for acquaintance. First, stroke the kitten and then the older cat. Then stroke the kitten again. Thus, you arrange smell exchange, it will be easier for them to get used to each other. (Animals, however, are still in different rooms).

If the previous stage does not cause aggression from any of the cats, open the door to the room with the kitten and pick he up. Let him see the elder, being under your protection. When both animals get used to having each other, let them meet without your participation, let them just get acquainted on the floor.

When both the adult animal and the kitten cease to show aggression or strong fear, we can assume that the process of acquaintance is completed, then they themselves will share the territory and toys as they see fit. Of course, at first you need to monitor their games, just in case, so as not to go into a fight.

The tray of the kitten from the moment of opening the room can be gradually moved to the place where it will stand permanently. Shift it in the desired direction for 1-1.5 meters every 2-3 days.

Acquaintance of cats. Conclusion

The above steps are necessary in the case of dating animals with complex characters. Most often, everything happens much easier and faster, or even completely without getting used to it.) The main thing is to give the new pet a separate room for the first time, so that he does not become confused and turn the toilet places not intended for this in the house :-)