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How to name your cat?

The name of the kitten. The main rule.

If in your house appeared or soon twill appear kitten, this article can help you to choose the name to him.
We all know that the name plays an important role in life. It, of course, will not affect on a cat, but can influence on your attitude toward it, as you will have to pronounce the chosen name several times in a day. So, main rule: a cat’s name should both like you and your cat at the same time.

The name of the kitten. Selection stages

For this purpose a few stages will help: 
1) Write all variants of the names that you like, which are pleasant to your ears and suit your pet 
2) From this list choose the names that contain natural for cats sibilants (with, th, sh, ph, h, ch). The cat will quickly remember such names
3) From the remaining after the second stage names, exclude those that do not contain ringing consonants (b, v, d, l, m, n …). Ringing consonants help attract cat's attention.

Those names that satisfy to these three conditions will be the best choice, now your personal preferences again become decisive :-)