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Litter ABYTRISS C .. Photos of kittens and their parents

Our litter C babies, who were born on 01/14/2019, have grown up and delight us with their beautiful behavior. Kittens are very beautiful, because they have someone to be like :-) Here are such wonderful parents

Litter C. Father Chester
Gr.I.Ch A Sharm RU Heart of the Ocean - father of kittens

Litter C. Mother Belka
Gr.I.Ch Evelyne Mon Valeur of ABYTRISS - mother of kittens

All kittens have already found their future families and are actively preparing for adult life - they recently went to the first vaccine. They moved the long way by car well - at first, the baby Konrad wept plaintively, but then he felt ashamed in front of the sisters, and he calmed down :) These are our Belchatas2 that grew up

Litter C. Conrad

Litter C. Caroline

Litter C. Charlotte
ABYTRISS Charlotte

Litter C. Carmen

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