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Meowing cats - sound specifically for people

Meowing cats - why?

Do you know that cats have learned to meow specifically for people? :-)

This is how they try to convey to us some information: "I want to eat", "missed", "scared", "something hurts," "do not go away," "where are you all?", "Play with me" , "Remove the tray" and many other versions of messages that are individual for each cat.

To communicate with each other, cats do not need to meow, most of the information they perceive visually - the position of the body, tail, paws. 

Meowing of cats. Understand correctly.

It is believed that the more you talk with your cat, call by name and looking in the eyes, the more often she will answer you.

In order to convey all the shades of emotion, cats have learned to produce about 100 varieties of sounds !!! For example, dogs can reproduce only 10 variants.
Therefore, if it seems to you that your cat does not allow you to sleep with demanding "meow", do not scold her. She does this because you are dear to her and important. If she did not love you, then to meet her needs, the cat would not try to communicate with you, she would silently try to get to the food herself or, in case of failure, in retaliation would scatter everything that lies badly :)