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Litter ABYTRISS C .. Parents Belka and Chester

January 14, 2019 in our cattery were born new kittens. Mother Belka pleased the children for the Old New Year. 
This time we have four kittens, and they are all ruddy color !!! 3 girls and a boy. Individual photos and information in the kittens section will be added traditionally at the age of one month.
We observe the growth of children with love and curiosity :-)
Today they are 8 days old, and all four have already opened their eyes. Bright, large, well-fed kittens. Belka with Chester tried very hard))

Litter ABYTRISS C ..: 3 ruddy girls, 1 ruddy boy
Father of kittens: Gr.I.Ch A Sharm RU Heart of the Ocean
Mother of kittens: Gr.I.Ch Evelyne Mon Valeur of ABYTRISS