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Show of A Sharm RU Heart of the Ocean - the second show

On July 21, we visited the exhibition CFC "Kotograd" in Otradnoye with our wonderful Chester. Our junior behaved much better this time than at the first show. Probably, he gets used to it :) This is how beautiful he was on the WCF ring.

Show in Otradnoye. Chester. ABYTRISS. Text_1       Show in Otradnoye. Chester. ABYTRISS. Text_2

We closed the title of the Junior Champion and took part in the ring and boys show. He liked the visitors and photographers very much, that's why we got such wonderful photos.

Show in Otradnoye. Chester. ABYTRISS. Text_3

So, our results:


WCF-ring Junior 8 место 

Fun-show Male 7 место

Nomination BIS

Full photoreport from the exhibition, see on the album July 21-22, 2018. CFC "Kotograd" "