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Toys for cats - choose the best

Toys for cats. Variety of choices.

All the owners of animals are well aware of how wide the range of toys for cats in pet stores. There you can find small rubber balls, and game complexes on batteries for "difficult" games. Is it worth it to rejoice in such diversity?

Unfortunately, in Russia, animal products are not subject to mandatory testing for safety. And there are no checks for toxicity or mechanical danger, so most of the assortment is not applicable for playing with animals.

Toys for cats. Cats do not need much.

The cats themselves do not really need "heaped" toys. They are quite enough cork from a bottle of wine and pieces of paper on a string. All the rest is invented for the convenience of man and beauty :-) 

Safe for cats will be toys designed for young children, because products for children undergo thorough checks (of course, we are talking about serious firms)

Toys for cats. Tips for choosing.

If you still prefer "cat's" entertainment, here are some tips:
  • Choose toys of natural colors, without dyes;
  • Sniff the toy before buying. If you feel an unpleasant chemical smell, do not give such a thing to the paws of your pet;
  • The toy should not be chewed, as the eaten piece can cause blockage of the intestine.

Love and make happy your pets! They will surely reciprocate you :-)