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Walking cats: graceful and quiet. Why?

Cats move almost noiselessly (of course, when they do not run around the house with a victorious call, knocking everything in its path =)). How do they do it?

Walking cats. Features of the skeleton.

There are two reasons for this phenomenon. First and foremost - the features of the skeleton of our favorite cats. If you carefully consider the structure of their paws, it becomes clear that cats go "on tiptoe". A distinctly visible joint on the hind legs is the cat's heel, and the knee is almost at the abdominal level. All her life the cat goes exclusively "on How do they do it?", imagine? This, probably, contributes to their predominantly slender figures =)

We continue to study the cat's legs. Let's see the fingers. On the forepaws there are five, and in the hind - four (in some breeds deviations from this amount are permissible). The fingers of cats are too short for the cat to be able to rest on them when walking.
From this it is clear that cats move on thick soles, which allow to evenly distribute the weight of the animal when moving.

Walking cats. Structure of the legs.

The second reason for quiet movements is the presence of beams of long hair between the fingers of many breeds of cats. In fluffy purrs the length of these "noise-proof boots" can reach several centimeters